Artisans in rural Senegal use a coil weaving process to transform cattail stalks and salvaged strips of colorful plastic into baskets and hampers that add color and culture in every room of the home.

Artisans in rural Ghana, West Africa, weave beautiful, durable baskets from long stalks of elephant grass. The ubiquitous Bolga market basket originates from the Bolgatanga region of northern Ghana. 

Artisans in Kenya excel at weaving beautiful, useful African baskets from sisal, raffia, doum palm, banana fiber and water hyacinth. Using coil and plaiting techniques, weavers craft baskets that double as art.

Each of these beautifully all-natural baskets is handmade from date palm leaves using traditional methods by rural Tuareg women in Burkina Faso and the central Agadez region of Niger.

Artisans in the Iringa region of Tanzania weave a definitive style of basket from milulu grass. In Tanzania's northern tri-borders region, the artisans of WomenCraft create beautiful baskets from stargrass, papyrus and local textiles.

Talented weavers in Uganda handcraft beautiful baskets from banana stalks wrapped in natural and dyed raffia.

In time-honored tradition, new brides in the Upper Zambesi region of Zambia receive a beautiful yet practical gift: a makenge root wedding basket.

African Baskets

African Handmade Natural Woven Grass Floor Baskets (Set of 3)
Origin: GhanaMeasurements: [Small] 18.5"D x 9"T[Medium] 20"D x 10.5"T [Large] 22.5"D x 12"TMaterials: Elephant grassBasket weavers in Ghana,...
African Handmade Striped Elephant Grass Nesting Hampers (Set of 3)
Origin: GhanaMeasurements: [Small] 13"T x 16"D [Medium] 14.5"T x 19"D [Large] 17.5"T x 20"DMaterials: Elephant grassBasket weavers in...
African Handmade Oval Elephant Grass Shopper with Sankofa Handle
Origin: GhanaSize: 18"L x 7"W x 14"TMaterials: Elephant grass, woodArtisans in the Bolgatanga region of Ghana weave these...
African Handmade Elephant Grass V-Shaped Shopper Tote Basket with Gye Nyame Handle
Origin: GhanaSize: 15"L x 8"W x 15"TMaterials: Elephant grass, woodArtisans in the Bolgatanga region of Ghana weave these...
$12.00 USD
Origin: KenyaSize: 4"T x 4"DMaterials: Sisal, dye Pretty dyed and natural sisal fibers are woven together by talented...