Art Anderson was born and raised in Wisconsin. His parents were unenthusiastic about his early art passion, but he loved watching his uncle paint landscapes. He served in the Air Force before studying art for a time at University of Wisconsin, then decided to teach himself art rather than receiving a formal education. He now travels extensively sharing his work with others and collecting reference photos for his artwork. He prefers to work on several original paintings at once.

Art Anderson's original paintings are defined by their sense of nostalgic realism. This feeling is enhanced by the warm lighting illuminating each scene, which creates a calm, contemplative mood in the piece's figures and landscapes. Art's paintings are typically inspired by waterfowl, upland game birds, and scenes of quiet rural life.

Anderson has won the Wisconsin Wild Turkey Stamp several times, as well as the Wisconsin State Duck Stamp more than once. One of his greatest artistic accomplishments is his 1987 win of the highly competitive Federal Duck Stamp Contest.

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